The man whom I fall in love..

I saw him to be a man of evident splendour
Fine in figure
His face handsome
Slim in form
His head not too small, elegant and good looking

His eyes large and black
and his eye lids long
His voice deep, very intelligent

His brows high and arched
and his hair in plaits
His neck long
and his beard thick

He gave an impression of dignity when silent
and of high intelligence when he talked

His words were impressive
and his speech decisive,
not trivial nor trite
His ideas like pearls moving on their string

He is the most splendid and fine looking man from a distance,
and the very best of all from close by

Medium in height, the eye not finding him too tall nor too short
A tree branch as it were between two others but he was the finest looking of the three
The best proportioned

His companions would surround him
and when he speaks, they would listen attentively to his speech


Had you seen him, you would have felt that the sun was shining
It seems as if the sunlight were moving within his face

I saw him at one full-moony night
I looked at him
He was dressed in a red garment
For me,
He was better than the moon

When he was pleased, his face would shine so bright
as you would believe that it was a moon-piece

When he got angry, his face would go so red as you would think there were an inflected red skin-spot on both cheeks
But his avenge is not for himself
instead, it was for Allah’s sanctity and religion only
He is the last to get angry and the first to forgive

When he walks away, he vanishes soon; but he walks at ease
It seemed as if the earth had folded itself up to shorten the distance for him

His sweat was pearl-like
His palm’s touch was softer than any silk and colder than ice
And I have never smelt any other perfumes sweeter and better than his scent


Whenever he is given to choose between two affairs,
he always chooses the easiest and the most convenient
If he is certain that it is sinful,
he will be as far as he could from it

His hospitality and generosity were matchless
His gifts and endowments manifest a man who does not fear poverty
He is more generous than the blowing wind
His way of living is the simplest one

He is the most courageous
Yet he is the most modest
and the first to cast his eyes down
He looks at the ground more than he looks sky-wards

He is the most just,
the most decent, and the most truthful at speech
He is the most gentle,
and amiable to all people
He always maintain good relationship with others

He was often silent and rarely talked when speech was not a necessity
He turned away from those whose speech was rude or impolite
His laughter was no more than a smile

Remembrance of Allah was a thing he aimed
and established whenever he sat down or stands up

He was praised by Allah,
on his exalted standard of character

He was the greatest man in this universe as he was the walking Quran




Truly, He makes me fall in love, even if I’ve never met him before..

May peace and blessings of Allah (SWT) be showered upon you O my beloved Prophet..
Muhammad, The Seal of Prophets and the Messenger of Allah



*Compiled from The Sahabahs and Sahabiyyahs description about Prophet (SAW) attributes and manners in the book of ‘The Sealed Nectar’- Biography of the Noble Prophet by Safiur-Rahman Al-Mubarakpuri


Youth, impulsiveness, temptation and responsibility – NAK

I want to share with you these two young people..
On the one hand, Yusuf (as) on the other hand, Musa (as)

When they reach maturity, Allah says,
“We gave him wisdom..” which I basically translated as a ‘good common sense’ ‘good ability to make decisions’

then Allah adds, “…Waa’ilman” (And We gave him knowledge)

Allah mention ‘wisdom’ first and ‘knowledge’ second, why is that ?

For young people ‘knowledge’ is very easy, for older people ‘knowledge’ it becomes hard.

When you’re old, it’s hard for you to remember things. You read something you can’t remember. You can’t remember a surah, it takes you a weeks to memorize to ayaah when you get older.

When you’re young, your minds are a sponge. You can memorize so quickly. You can do math problems so quickly. You sit in class and you understand everything in five minutes and sleep the rest of the time, and you’re still get a 95 on the test. Because you’re young, you’re smart, you’re brain actives. ‘Ilm is easy.

Allah says, “These (Yusuf and Musa (as)) young person, I gave him wisdom in an early age ON TOP of his knowledge.

And here we’re try to understand the difference between wisdom and knoweldge. There’s big difference between these two things.

We have a smart young people. They are ‘A’ students. They get 90s on every tests. 100, easy, no problem for them. But they’re STILL DO really DUMB things at home. They talk bad to their mother. They get impatience with their father.

So what if you’re an A student ? You have a lot of knowledge. But you have zero wisdom. You’re amazing at your grades, you did so well in school and your dad bought you a car. Now you get that car and you’re speeding 85/90 miles per hour on the highway, you have no wisdom. You’re risking your life and the lives of others because of your immaturity.

You can have knowledge but you don’t have any wisdom. It’s possible.

Now Allah talks about Yusuf (as) and Musa (as), when they have reach that age, the more important thing was that ‘they had the power to make the right kind of choice’ and ON THE TOP OF THAT, Allah gave them knowledge.

And the other benefit of that is, ‘without wisdom, you will acquire the wrong kind of knowledge’.

If you don’t have the wisdom, the only knowledge you acquired is how to hack the iphone. How do you crack it or whatever.

The knowledge you acquired will not do any good for you, because that knowledge was not guided by your wisdom. By your common sense. It was just guided by your impulse.

Wisdom is what you gives any guidance and when you have guidance then you have to pursue knowledge in a certain way. You have a certain respect for knowledge.

And that is what Allah says,
“That is how we compensate those who excel”

What is remarkable about young people that Allah says in the Quran is, “Young people who have common sense, who have knowledge, who recognize the presence of Allah and have ihsaan (excellence)”, They will be put in a situation that they are being tested.

All of you must have known that Yusuf (as) was a very good-looking men. And you look best when you’re young right? Well, He’s a great looking young men.

And when you’re young also your hormones are at different level. Your temptations are different. It is harder for you to control yourself.

“Brother can I talk to you for a minute? I need to get married”
“Yes, I know, but you’re 16”
“I know but I got these feelings”
“Yeah I know, I know, the fire is burning. But you’re 16. Calm down a little. Take it easy a little”

Yusuf (as) is there. And he’s tempted. He’s by himself in the house and this beautiful woman, says to him,
“Come in..” She tries to seduce him.

No body’s in the house. He is young man. He’s also really good looking and she is very beautiful. All the reasons to do wrong thing is there. She locked all the doors with multiple latches anyway. And she says, “Come here”

This is not just a story of Yusuf (As). This is the story of young men. How many young men some girls going to come up to him in college?
“hey you going to somebody to the prom?”
“what you doing in the spring break? you want to call me sometimes?” so she gives him her number.

She doesn’t care if you’re muslim or not. You can’t just return to say ‘Astaghfirullahaladzim’. You know it’s not gonna work.

And she is beautiful. She looks beautiful to you. And if there’s a fire burning inside, now there’s a volcano. It’s about to errupt.

That’s gonna happen to you. Maybe it’s already happened to some of you. What DECISIONS do you make at that time?

You smile back? and say “Ok, I’ll call you at night”
Astaghfirullah, “Maybe I should call”. You’re having internal struggle. Maybe you just finish texting her right now before you came to Jumu’ah.

Maybe you just did that.
‘Should I’ve tried to be friend with this one on facebook?’
‘Should I do that?’

This is not just a story of a prophet. This is not just a story of one man. This is not just a story of one woman attempting one man. This is a story of all of you.
This is Quran.

Allah says, “young mature man, and a woman tempted him” and because he had the right common sense, immediately he sees -he doesn’t see this beautiful young woman- he sees Allah azza wa’jaala. This is ihsaan.

Ihsaan is recognize Allah is there, whether you’re in the masjid or not.

Ihsaan is when you think about Allah alot even when he’s in campus. Even when the girls come up to him. Even when she sends him an email. Even when you get a text message. Even when somebody else there said,
‘hey bro, I think she likes you, she tolds me’

His first thing is Allah. and He walks away.

You guys go to the mall, you guys go to campus. You guys hang out in different places. But you don’t show islam. If your character doesn’t shine, then they will never know what islam is.

Because our neighbour will not come to the masjid and learn about islam. The only way for them to see islam is through you, especially the young people.

Now, about Musa (As)

Allah says ‘He went into the city at the time when everybody is sleeping’ -Egyptians is used to work at the morning, then do afternoon break (because the sun was too hot and they can’t handle it) and after that they come back to work-

Musa (as) was raised in the castle. He was raised as a prince. He had strength. He had youth. He had status and education. If young men was in this status of him, what do you think he will spend his free time?

But Musa (as) think about how to help the people of Israelites from the slavery is at the time when the police are sleeping. He used to help people in need at a time where everybody was sleeping.

This is how he use his free time and his strength. Because it takes a lot of strength when everybody else is sleeping.

And now, how many guys spent hours at the gym? building their strength, for what? what are gonna spending your energy for? A photo you post on facebook?

Allah describes Musa (As) used his energy and his strength to help society and do something for people.

Where are the young people, that used the opportunity on their free time? They have money, they have strength. And they do something ?

Do something, do something good with yourself.
These are not just stories in the quran. This is how Allah teaches us how to use our youth.


One lesson is you will be tempted. and the biggest temptation will be like temptation like Yusuf (As) and its to be shameless. Whether it’s going to be on your mobile device, or girl from school, or girl from work.
It’s gonna happen, it will happen. And how you deal with it. Learn to deal with it. And learn how to control yourself.

And the other side, Allah has given you so much energy and so much strength. Put it to good work. Do something for society. Do something that will help for other people. And that will be a quality of what Allah has put in you to become real. That you lived up to what Allah wants you to live up to.


The Ideal Muslimah



The Ideal Muslimah by: Zainab bint Younus

The ideal Muslimah… is not afraid to have her own personality, whether she is as wise as Khadijah, passionate as A’ishah, fierce as Hind, noble as Zaynab, or demure as Maymunah.

The ideal Muslimah… follows the sunnah of Khadijah and uses her financial savvy to benefit the Ummah… and doesn’t allow others to tell her that she’ll never get a man that way.

The ideal Muslimah… is loved, valued, and married for her taqwa and beauty of character, not some shallow, arbitrary cultural standards of physical beauty.

The ideal Muslimah… is not a doormat. She has the wisdom of Umm Salamah, the audacity of A’ishah, the intelligence of Hafsa, the ego of Zaynab, and the humour of Sauda.

The ideal Muslimah… is someone who may never have children, like A’ishah; someone who may have numerous daughters but no sons, like Khadijah; someone who has children from a previous marriage, like Umm Salamah. Her worth as a human, as a believer, does not lie in her fertility.

The ideal Muslimah… has the courage of Zaynab bint Ali when she fights for what she believes in and faces down oppression, even if it comes from fellow Muslims.

The ideal Muslimah… does not allow her intelligence to be belittled or disrespected, for Allah created her to be of those who think.
{And He has subjected to you whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth – all from Him. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought.} (Qur’an 45:13)

The ideal Muslimah… is not kept locked away or helpless. She is a vibrant, contributing part of the Ummah and doesn’t let anyone tell her otherwise – because Allah told her so.
{The believing men and believing women are allies of one another. They enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and establish prayer and give zakah and obey Allah and His Messenger. Those – Allah will have mercy upon them. Indeed, Allah is Exalted in Might and Wise.} (Qur’an 9:71)

The ideal Muslimah… is not perfect.
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “I swear by Him in whose hand is my soul, if you were a people who did not commit sin, Allah would take you away and replace you with a people who would sin and then seek Allah’s forgiveness so He could forgive them.” [Sahīh Muslim (2687)]

The ideal Muslimah… makes mistakes and knows it, but loves her Lord and repents to Him constantly.
{Indeed, Allah loves those who are constantly repentant and loves those who purify themselves.} (Qur’an 2:222)

The ideal Muslimah… is beloved to Allah, Who promised her paradise.
{Indeed, the Muslim men and Muslim women, the believing men and believing women, the obedient men and obedient women, the truthful men and truthful women, the patient men and patient women, the humble men and humble women, the charitable men and charitable women, the fasting men and fasting women, the men who guard their private parts and the women who do so, and the men who remember Allah often and the women who do so – for them Allah has prepared forgiveness and a great reward.} (Qur’an 33:35)

Reblog: The price of ambition (by Zainab Bint Younus)


From doctors to lawyers, artists to writers, intellectuals and academics, Muslim women today are swiftly climbing the ladders of success and proving their excellence in their chosen fields.

Yet, there are still those who often insinuate that women who work, who have careers, and who are involved in anything outside the home are somehow corrupted, unfit to be good wives or mothers, and are a source of “fitnah”.

The example of Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (radhiAllahu ‘anha) provides a direct contrast to this attitude – it is well known that she was a successful businesswoman, but in addition to her intellect and business acumen, she acquired another reputation – as “Tahirah” – the Chaste One.

What truly distinguished Khadijah from the rest, what really set her apart, was that unlike those who sought to achieve success by giving into the existing standards, she created her own model of success. Khadijah imposed her values on her others rather than allowing the pressure of society and “the industry” to wear her down.

It was her determination to practice her values, regardless of what consequences her choices may have had on her business, that ensured her success. Her ambition was not merely to excel on a shallow level, but to be such a powerful force as an ethical human being in addition to being a career woman, that she earned respect rather than merely seeking it.

To be continued..mashallah its really beautiful read  it more here

Muslim women are indeed true heroines of Islam – those who seek excellence in all that they do, whose success is based not merely upon worldly ambition or status, but upon the strength of their faith and their refusal to compromise the most precious of ethics.
– Zainab bint Younus

When things didn’t go according to my plan, Allah make it better

Sometimes your plans and Allah’s plans are the same.
Sometimes you decide to go somewhere and Allah decides to let you go also.
sometimes you decide to go to a college and Allah gives you admission into that college also.
You decide to graduate early, and Allah let’s you graduate early also.

So things go according to your plan, all that means is your plan and Allah’s plan are the same. For that one thing.

But sometimes your plan and Allah’s plan are not the same.

Sometimes you wanna stay in that job for 10 years, but you get fired after 6 months.

Sometimes you apply to this school and you had the best application but you still didn’t get in, and people with the worst application than you got in.

It happens, sometimes your plans and Allah’s plans are not the same.

These ayat are recognizing that not everything will go according to my plan.

I will still have to make a plan.
I will still have to put in the effort.

But at the end of the day it is Allah who will decide whether this plan will come through or not.

But then the most powerful part of this ayah.. these words are a dua and more than a dua. They are a statement of optimism,
Allah is teaching us in this ayat that the muslim has to have hope in the future. My iman and the quran makes me optimistic about the future.

I don’t care what the news says, I don’t care what happened yesterday and the day before, and the day before..
I will not be among those muslims, who sit on a table and say the situation of the ummah keeps getting worse and worse and worse.NO

You’re supposed to be full of optimism and hope that Allah will make things better.

Perhaps my master will guide me and He’ll give me guidance.

We want all these ‘dunya’ things, but you know what? The most fundamental thing you and I need more essential than the oxygen that we’re breathing, is Allah’s guidance.

So once you have that, everything else will work out. When you don’t have that, you can have everything else and you have ‘nothing’.

Lesson learned: Islamic dating? really? That’s messed up

I just watched this.. and mashallah there is a lot of new perspective worth learning.

for those who don’t have much time to listen to it right now. I’m writing some of nice point of views from Sh. Omar Suleiman’s speaking in that video:

You’re fooling yourself. You’re not going to fool Allah swt. You’re fooling yourself

“There is no way to know, for fact, what type of person you’re going to marry until you actually married them. And in fact, psychologically speaking dating will not do you any favors. It’s not gonna help you to know that person, more it’s going to help that person get a better impression on you, It’s not help you to know them more because until you live with the person there is no way to completely know them. Because that is the decree of Allah.”

Don’t think that you can disobey Allah subhanahhu wa ta’ala, do things haram, with the intention that you will right it one day and Allah swt gonna put His barakah in your relationship.

“You leave something for Allah and Allah give you better than that.”

Marriage is rational decision. It is not an emotional decision.

“How many people actually ended up marrying their first chruses? or they ended up marrying that they thought was going to marry? You know, it’s a very small portion.”

“The sunnah here is that when people want to get married, they should talk to each other, not ask what you’re favorite colour is? what is your fav song? or do you like long walks in the beach too? No. But it should have actually have serious conversation about compatibility, should actually discuss things within the control environment where their emotions cannot get the best of them.”

“When we have relationship after relationship after relationship.. . We’re killing ourselves to have ability to have meaningful relationship. So try to pursue things as right as you can.”

So please, just cut it off. No need to discuss it with that person. Just cut it off, and seek tawbah, seek Allah’s forgiveness. May Allah guides us always to the straight path.

Learning from Al-Baqarah [2:153] : Real story


O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient. (QS Al Baqarah:153)

Sore ini ketika tengah menelepon ibu, adik kedua minta dikonfirmasi bunyi ayat surat al-Baqarah ayat 153. Sekilas membaca membuat aku mengamatinya dengan lebih seksama.

Karena membaca tidak cukup tanpa memaknai artinya. Rupa-rupanya Allah memberikan pelajaran padaku jauh didalamnya. mashallah

Allah baru saja menguji sejauh mana aku paham  betul-betul tentang makna ‘sabar’ dan ‘salat'(doa).

Ketika masalah dan cobaan bertubi-tubi menghatam dan menyesakkan dada hingga membuatnya terasa sempit. Sampai kadang tak terasa air mata mengalir dalam sayup suara yang merintih berpangku tangan yang menengadah. Ia menunjukkan rahmat dan karunia-Nya yang tak terkira, menghapuskan segala keluh dan kesah yang membuncah. Sungguh di waktu-Nya yang paling tepat. Tidak terlalu cepat, tidak pun pantas disebut terlambat.

Ketika raga merapuh, diserta hati dan iman yang melemah. Sekehendak diri meminta bantuan pada manusia yang notabene sama-sama lemah. Indah kalam-Nya menggema di telinga, mengalir, menyapu bersih keruhnya jiwa. Seraya mendengar Ia berkata, “Ingatlah Aku, berprasangka baiklah terhadapKu.” Karena untuk kesekian kali kini aku pahami, bahwa ujian-Nya, baik sedih maupun suka, adalah Cinta. Cobaan-Nya adalah untuk meningkatkan derajat kita di sisi-Nya. 

Semoga diri ini selalu dipenuhi syukur terhadap-Nya, dalam bahagia maupun dalam kesulitan yang dihadapinya.

Kemenangan itu bersama kesabaran
Kemudahan itu bersama kesulitan
dan jalan keluar itu bersama kesusahan

– Muh Zulfikar (dalam Inilah jihadku)

Thanks Allah I didn’t make it

Success is a combination of two things, you put effort and Allah give his Barakah (blessings) – Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan


maybe the title here makes you  a bit confusing. but yeah, it’s true and the right title for this story.. here’s a part of the story of my journey in seeking knowledge.. and again I express my huge gratitude to Allah subhanahhu wa ta’ala

Thank Allah I didn’t make it through that scholarship

Thank Allah,, alhamdulillah alla kulli hal.. all praise is due to you…

I still remember it clearly when I prayed… O Allah please make it for me.. please destined that for me… I have made my effort for this much… Please can you make it for me?

All of my prayer, I can’t deny, sound like very insisting and demanding.. it’s like I didn’t believe that Allah has prepared something better for me.. because I ask Him much to give me success for all of my effort.

and you know what.. I’d got a notification of “Rejected application information”…
Alhamdulillah.. alhamdulillah..

at that time.. I realized that Allah has granted my mother dua.. She is praying that may Allah give me the best answer, the best thing, to all of my efforts…
and it’s really like a big slap to me.. ya Allah I  made a different dua with my mother.. I ask inappropriately because I insisted You so much to grant me what I want.. although my mother want something better than it… She has asked to Allah to give me what “best”

mashallah.. astaghfirullah.. alhamdulillah

and then it was clear to me.. if I made it.. maybe I can’t go study this year.. because I’m holding conditional acceptance at that time.. and if I made it either the scholarship would only let me to take commencement in the next 2 years.. in 2018. mashallah

If I made it, maybe I wouldn’t know the bigger opportunity that lied in front of me.. He gave me for about >5 other scholarships scheme.. which is better… alhamdulillah

Then He made another big chance to join into prominent government research institution as an intern research assistant.. summa alhamdulillah

wallahi if he didn’t give me sabr’, ihlas and syukr.. i can’t imagine how would I be at this time..

and now,
I can’t thanking Allah enough for everything He did give to me.. and everything that He didn’t give me… and most importantly… i have learned so much on how far tawakkul (a great reliance upon Allah) can bring me into more beautiful path that He already written for me. He taught me again to trust him.. to trust him that

O my slave.. I will not let you down.. and I will not let you go empty handed”

Thank Allah for didn’t make it for me.. please rectify for me all of my affairs.. and do not trust me any matters for myself (*again) even for a blink of an eye



The Du’as from Stranger

Maka boleh jadi, terkabulnya keinginanmu disebabkan do’a-do’a yang dipanjatkan oleh mereka yang tanpa sengaja engkau kenal atau jumpa di tengah jalan

Di ruang TU fakultas.

“Bapak, saya mau minta stempel untuk validasi surat rekomendasi saya.”
Si Bapak dengan cekatan memberi stempel, tiba-tiba Fulan X nyeletuk,

“Mm, mba daftar aplikasi beasiswa Y ya ?”

“Iya mas, ini untuk tahap 2 beasiswa Y ” Sejenak diam, lalu tanpa fikir nanya balik
” masnya juga kah?”

“Oh, engga, tapi saya sempat mau coba juga tadinya” *masnya agak tercekat waktu ngomong, namun kurang lebih intinya seperti ini

“Oh begitu ya mas” Sambil keluar ruangan kita lanjut ngobrol sedikit tentang singkatan dan beberapa teknis dari beasiswa Y.

Ketika saya kira masnya sudah pergi, dan saya duduk di bangku lobi TU. Masnya bilang “Semoga sukses dan lancar ya mba”

“Oh iya mas terima kasih banyak.”

ditutup dengan senyuman. Selesai.

*5 menit kemudian*

Pas lagi riweuh ngecek ulang dan ngerapiin berkas, Fulanah Z yang duduk di sebelah saya tiba-tiba menyapa dan memberi senyum

(sambi melirik kertas di pangkuan saya) “mba, lagi apply master ya ke luar?”

“Eh, iya mba ini saya lagi mengurus berkasnya untuk tahap 2. Sebelumnya saya belum diterima oleh beasiswa A, jadilah saya coba yang Y ini.”

… percakapan berlanjut kira-kira ngomongin soal syarat dan teknis beasiswa Y ini. Saya yang berbusa-busa, mba Fulanah manggut-manggut saja. Lalu beliau berkata

” Iya mba insyaAllah rezekinya mba ada di yang ini(beasiswa Y) ya mba”

“Amin ya rabb. Terima kasih mba”

*percakapan berlanjut lebih lama, mulailah saya tahu mba fulanah itu maba magister. Lalu dia bertanya soal materi/modul buku S1 untuk bantu pengerjaan tesis dia.

“Oh saya ada kak, saya minta emailnya kakak aja. nanti saya bantu carikan di folder saya”

“Alhamdulillah, makasih banyak ya mbak”. Jawab mba Fulanah sumringah dengan mata berbinar.


Sejenak mengingat momen itu. Tadinya sebelum berangkat menuju kampus. Saya hanya berdoa agar Allah mudahkan proses pengurusan berkas yang terakhir ini. Qadarullah, Ia tambahkan 2 doa dari orang yang baru saja saya kenal didalamnya.
Semoga Allah membalas doa-doa mereka dengan yang lebih baik.

Jazakallahu khair untuk Fulan X dan Fulanah Z.